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Bins Glorious Bins

Good morning John. As requested I detail below my comments made at the Committee Meeting on 28 September 2017.
All Red                                        General Waste
All Green                                    General Waste
Yellow Top Green Base             Green Waste        )
Yellow Top Green Base             Recycled items     )    These two only distinguished with different stuck on labels. Let us hope the Collection Drivers are not colour blind.
Yellow Top Blue Base 140 Ltr    General Waste and Food.
Red Top Green Base   120 Ltr    General Waste    I do need to confirm this one as I cannot locate the information source.
We still have orange bags for general waste until 31 March 2018.
Since the meeting, in Pak N Save Lincoln North they had for sale Yellow Plastic Bags for General Waste. This item was reported in the Western Leader 3 October on sale in Super Markets at Royal Heights and Te Atatu Peninsular. Collection only for those two areas collection by Enviro Waste on a Thursday and Friday.  I think this is a new contractor on the block.
Note. Also it was reported since the meeting a special Food Bin was to be introduced by 2020. Thus the Yellow Top Blue Base Bin would then be only for General Waste.
Collections dates for the above items differ dependent on where you reside and the combined AK Council and other Private Contractors.
Interesting further notes.
On Thursday morning 5 October, when I collected my NZ Herald from the box at 7.00 am, I observed a Neighbour on the opposite side of the road had put out for collection, 4 Orange Bags, A yellow top Blue Base Bin, A Yellow Top Green Base Bin and an All Green Bin. Sadly I did not see any Partridge in the Pear Tree ! 
All this for one residential property.
Later in the morning whilst travelling home along Triangle Road, between the HuruHuru Stream Bridge and the roundabout Junction Waimumu/Triangle Road, I was shocked to see the great number of bins kerbside for the right of way to multiple residential properties. NO BIG BINS THERE !

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