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Eco Wise Awards 2014

Keep Waitakere Beautiful Trust is calling for nominations for the annual EcoWise Awards. The awards celebrate hard working Westies who get stuck in and do their bit for the environment.

Any West Auckland individual or group is eligible to nominate either themselves or others.

nikau award“The West is lucky to have so many people who actively care for the environment. The evening is the highlight of our year and a chance to come together and celebrate” says KWBT Chair, John Riddell.

To nominate yourself or someone you know visit

Nominations close: Friday 17th October 2014

Karaka Award  – For the West Auckland community garden making a difference

Brent Peters Award For the West Auckland graffiti contractor who goes over and beyond the call of duty

Rata Award – For the West Auckland school caretaker who makes a difference

Kahikatea Award For the West Auckland teacher who empowers students to care for the environment

Nikau Award For the West Auckland business taking action to care for the environment

Puriri Award- For the West Auckland school or pre-school that educates students to care for the environment

Kowhai AwardFor the West Auckland student leader who cares for the environment

Totara AwardFor the West Auckland group who cares for the environment

Kauri AwardFor the West Auckland individual who cares for the environment

Awards ceremony: Friday 14th November 2014


Information about Henderson Massey Local Board – for all aspiring candidates

When you finish reading the information contained in this article, read other articles on our web page and well, take part in our poll, as well.

About the Henderson-Massey area
The Henderson-Massey Local Board area is located at the western end of the Waitemata Harbour. It includes the Te Atatu Peninsula and the suburbs of West Harbour, Westgate, Ranui, Massey, Henderson and Glendene.
Main retail areas are in Henderson and the Massey/Westgate shopping centre. Business activity is also concentrated along the Lincoln Road corridor. Te Atatu town centre is a vibrant neighbourhood centre.
Henderson town centre has a significant local government presence at the Waitakere Central complex, key government services and the Unitec campus. The town centre has an integrated bus and train station, with enhanced access to the heart of the civic, retail and business district.
The area is home to several cultural and recreational facilities, including the Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson Valley Studios, West Wave Aquatic Centre, The Trusts Stadium, the Netball Waitakere complex and Massey Leisure Centre. Both Opanuku and Oratia streams flow through Henderson and provide significant environmental, recreational and amenity benefits to the area.
The Henderson town centre is also the base of Te Whanau o Waipareira Trust’s activities.
Map2010 ak council draft.indd

AGM elections. Meet your new committee.

The Massey Birdwood Settlers Association held its AGM November 29 in the Lions Den at the Association’s hall on the corner of Red Hills and Don Buck roads.

The following were elected

President : Brian Lay
Vice President; Ershad Ali
Secretary/treasurer: John Riddell

Committee: Allen  Davies, Ian Miller, June Lay, Kay Wilson, Ray Wilson and Warren Flaunty

Bus Routes – Public Meetings on Saturday 27th October

Thanks to local MP Phil Twyford and the Massey Birdwood Settlers Association, real progress to improve public transport for west Auckland is happening.

The Busway proposal for the Northwestern Motorway has been picked up by Auckland Council and the first steps will be  rolled out in the next few years.

Plus Auckland Transport is planning to roll out new bus routes and high frequency services every 15 minutes on key routes.

If you would like to find out more about these changes please come along to one of a public meetings this Saturday 27 October. Staff from Auckland Transport and MP Phil Twyford will be on hand to give detailed advice on the new bus routes in your community.

The  first meeting will start at 1pm at Kelston Community Centre, Activity Room 2, corner Awaroa Rd and Great North Rd, Kelston.

The  second meeting will start at 4pm at the Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall, corner of Don Buck Rd and Red Hills Rd, Massey.

newsletter No 29


 August/September 2012


In this issue we again encourage you to use our website,


The site is a reflection of our community… which means that as the community develops, so will the website. We hope that you are participating in the polls and expressing your views on the posts. It is your chance to take an active part in the community from the comfort of the computer screen. It is hoped you are enjoying  it and use it as your “got to” to find other important community sites in Massey and discover more about the many activities that take place in our hall at the top of the hill.

To let us know you are on our side, check out our facebook page and click the Like button –

Also in this edition we introduce you to our latest fitness class, held in the hall on a Monday morning between 10am and 12 noon. We also welcome a new advertiser. Kay Wilson from Bayley’s. Now if you go on to our website, for can click on her advert and go to her website and find out more about property that is for sale or rent in Massey.

Also in this edition an article about the parking problems in City View Heights and a story about the proposed PCL development. If you read this in time hope we will see you at Massey High School (in the new performing arts centre), 6.30pm Monday 13th August to meet the Mayor.

Enjoy the reading.

For Young Mums keeping fit Can be a Problem

For young mums keeping fit both before and after pregnancy is a problem. The halls latest user, Yummy Mummy Fitness classes meets on Mondays at 10am and can help expectant Mums and new Mums get back in shape.

Simmone Rank offers 3 group fitness classes, through Yummy Mummy Fitness to help new Mums meet their fitness needs during and after pregnancy are catered for.

Prenatal Fitness:
Gain strength and fitness during pregnancy to prepare for labour and a speedy recovery afterwards.
The classes are suitable for women who have previously exercised and those who are planning on lifestyle changes during this critical time as they cater for all levels of fitness.

Mummy & Baby Pilates:
During pregnancy your core muscles endure enormous stresses which often leads to weakness in the core and back once baby has arrived.
Back pains and bad posture are common side effects of this. These problem areas with at a Yummy Mummy pilates based exercise class. Babies & toddlers are very welcome to come along!

Stroller Boot camp:
Another good class is the child friendly boot camp classes for mums! If you want to get fit, strong and/or lose weight – this class is for you! All mums are welcome, whether they have a new born, toddler or your kids are already at school! Mums can start this class 6-8 weeks after a natural birth and 12-14 weeks after a c section. You can even join a free trial class!

For more specific requirements and care, Yummy Mummy Fitness trainers can also be booked for 1on1 training sessions at your home or local park.

Check out the Massey Birdwood Settlers website, and click on the Yummy Mummy Fitness link, listed under hall users links, for more information.

Let’s Talk Real Estate– (you can read this article on our website

As a local resident, whether you own your home, or are currently renting, it is good to be well informed of what is happening in our local property market.

Well the good news for home owners is that our market is quite buoyant at the moment. The majority of properties in Massey are selling quickly and achieving very good prices indeed. Days on the market are decreasing and it is not unreasonable to expect to achieve a house sale within four weeks. In fact, some properties are selling much quicker than this and some purchasers have to battle it out in multi-offer situations. The result of this means vendors can expect to achieve the very best price that the current market is prepared to pay for their home.

According to recent statistics from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, the housing price index for Auckland is now up 3.7% from our highest ever peak which was in July 2007. We are also experiencing the lowest level of homes available on the market since 2008 which is certainly a contributing factor to many successful sales of late.

Buyer demand still remains steady but as regularly occurs at this time of year, available properties are few and far between. Properties generally achieve a premium price when there are fewer homes available for sale on the market. So if you’re considering selling, now is a fabulous time to list and sell your property.

But what about if you are wishing to rent a property? Well, be warned, you will have to be quick! Demand for rental properties is also high and they are getting snapped up very quickly. Some landlords are feeling the financial strain of increased rates and insurance so rent prices seem to be increasing too. You can expect to pay anywhere from $350 to $400 per week for a three bedroom house in our local Massey area.

So would you like parking issues everyday?

Everyone reads the newspapers and probably wishes to see the headlines that suggests the country is growing.

However when the country grows, that means there is probably more housing, more people and more students attending our local schools, which are situated in suburban NZ. Right?

And when they are high schools that probably means students driving to schools – what ever happened to walking, cycling and catching the bus?

Of course City Planners have stopped planning for 6 metre plus roads in suburbia now days as well, so when developers build a subdivision near a high school, with a consent from the Council allowing for narrow roads (which keeps the cost down for the developer you understand), the quite suburban street becomes  a myth.

So it is for those living in  Mantra Rd, Cityview Pl and Jammen Drive.

The problem is that it is not just for an hour at the beginning and end of a school day, that the frustration of  living near a major high school and the vehicle movements that result is felt, it is all day. It  means the Residents cannot park outside their own properties from 8am-3.30pm nor can their visitors.

At 3.10 the problem doubles as not only do 100 students piling into the area but also Parents using the narrow streets as a drop off and pick up point. This causes massive congestion and noise. A lot of young (generally male) drivers  constantly do wheelies, burnouts and generally show off to their mates to great applause. This is ripping up the roads.Large groups congregate before and after school often displaying anti-social behaviour. The  streets are only 5 meters wide with cars parked down one side and traffic using the other. When speeding teens are told to slow down, it earns a tirade of abuse.  Just to want to live peacefully and respectfully in their our own neighbourhood is the reason why   resident’s are requesting “Residents Only Parking”. Surely Residents take precedent for parking outside theirown homes given the dangerous, often disrespectful behaviour shown by some (certainly not all) students.

The dotted yellow lines that indicate no parking areas are fine, however a premium is then  placed on the parking bays.

The residents have approached Auckland Transport through the Association for a resolution to their problems.

Is anyone else having trouble with school parking issues? Not just City View Heights, but other areas in Massey, close to Massey High, and other areas in the Henderson Massey Local Board area for that matter, that are close to our major colleges?  Henderson High, Waitakere College, Rutherford High, St Dominics are all major schools.

The Association would welcome your views.

From Mash to Cash

A mixed use shopping centre is being proposed for a redevelopment of the PCL site opposite the Association’s hall on the corner of Don Buck and Red Hills Road.


Established in 1950s, for over half a century the Poultyman’s Coop Ltd site has provided feed and grain for countless millions of chooks throughout North Auckland.

For some time the community has been aware of plans to sell the property, as PCL move to consolidate their feed operation at their existing South Auckland plant.

Rumours of possible land use have included a high density residential development or a custodial Bad Boy facility operated by the Justice Department.

However it now seems likely the 4.5 ha (10 acre) site is destined to become yet another Westie commercial hub, with shops and offices.

Although nothing has yet been cast in concrete, the Association has already flagged the development a potential trouble spot with an increase in traffic around an area that already has, with several schools within the immediate vicinity, a high population of children.

As more information comes to hand we shall do our best to keep our community informed.

Join your Resident and Ratepayers Association

The Massey & Birdwood Settlers Association always welcomes new members.

As a resident and ratepayer group we represent the views of the community to the local Council and Government, ensuring adequate resources are spent in the community that will benefit the whole community.

We have been doing this since 1925.

This Association is your Association – a voice to represent the community in matters relating to the way the City relates to all of us. Over the years many executive members of the Association have held elected positions within the City Council and Local Boards.
Road into Triangle Road.

We have always made submissions to the Council on proposed rate increases as part of its role in ensuring local ratepayers are heard and the Council are aware that rate increase has a direct impact on many residents and local businesses budgets.

If you’re a resident or ratepayer in our area (From Ranui to Westgate and all areas between) the Massey and Birdwood Settlers Association Incorporated is well worth joining for a membership of just $1 (one dollar)..

Newsletter No. 28


April/May 2012


Catching Up with the 21st century.

In this issue we introduce you to our website,

Like all these things this website will always be “A Work in Progress”, It is our intention to be a reflection of our community… which means that as the community develops, so will the website. We are sure that you will find the site interactive, with polls and plenty of opportunities for you to express your opinions. We hope you enjoy it and use it as your “go to” to find other important community sites in and discover more about the many activities that take place in our hall at the top of the hill.

To let us know you are on our side, check out our facebook page and click the Like button –

The Massey Birdwood Settlers Association Inc has just finished submitting to the annual plan, on your behalf.

  1. We support development of the Te Rangi Hiroa and Birdwood Reserve – providing it benefits all the current users – car clubs, dart club, model railway, pony club, bmx and jump bikes.
  2. We agree with Community partnerships in procurement.
  3. We believe that Auckland City should be financially supporting community owned halls like ours – cheaper than building new halls.
  4. We would like to see a dedicated Northwestern motorway bus lane.
  5. We would like the Auckland City to tell Transit New Zealand to finish the Westgate interchange and build those missing On and Off ramps.
  6. We applaud the City’s decision to build a new library and community facilities in Te Atatu.
  7. We support a new library in Ranui (although why it was not built right the first time amazes us).
  8. We agree with plans for a pilot employment project in the West.
  9. We are right behind additional ‘park’n’ride’ facilities throughout West Auckland. Makes sense.
  10. We encourage the development of an integrated public transport ticketing system (now if they could get me from Hobsonville to Swanson to catch a train, wouldn’t that be grand?)
  11. We definitely support keeping rates as low as possible, and the principle of only lifting the rates by the CPI and population growth. Furthermore, we believe that the areas identified for a decrease in rates have an equal claim to receive the benefit of a decrease as under the previous Auckland local body system their Councils charged too much. For example the Waitakere City Council rates were touted as being too high and now West Auckland residents are could see a reduction in their rates compared with parts of Auckland.
  12. We agree that User Pays helps spread the burden local government to those who do not pay rates directly. We strongly believe the CPI index should be used to determine the increase in user charges.
  13. We feel that dog registration is an example where a large increase (more than the CPI) will prevent some people registering their dogs and result in the good owners paying for the bad owners.

So who is a Lowlife Scum Bucket?

What is it with Westies? Most of us are law abiding, but there are some who have no respect for people, property and – quite likely – themselves.

This association went to considerable and costly lengths to install heat pumps in our hall at the intersection of Red Hills and Don Bucks Roads to make it comfortable for people to use no matter what the weather outside…only to have some mindless cretin vandalize them when our backs were turned.

Who in their right mind would want to vandalize the units in order earn a few miserable dollars from selling some of the parts of the air conditioning units?

Whoever the culprit is we do not know.

But it is very likely there are people reading this who DO know.

So to them we say “Give the rat-bags a thump.”

And if you do know, please tell the police, by ringing our community constable on 8324099.

Remember: When you steal from your local community, you steal from ALL of us.


Massey Birdwood Settlers Association

Vote in our Poll and Tell Us what YOU Think

Our web site has only been up and running for a week, and already 33 readers have voted in our poll.

We are now half way through the first term of the Auckland Council and Henderson Massey Local Board and we invite you to comment. So please, take your time and answer – as you like.

We will collate your responses at the end of April, so there is still plenty of time to vote and/or comment.

Meanwhile, the following comment has received our first “Thumbs Up” for giving an honest point of view.

I am not happy with new city although I supported it. I forgot that it could only be as good as those elected. What we have got is a mini council that has workshops to debate the agenda (not open to public) and only use meetings to rubber stamp their decisions with no debate.

There is no consultation on local matters and indeed in some cases decisions have been made to not consult as they know the residents will not support it. There is no accountability, consultation or transparency with the officers totally in control.

What’s your view?

Massey Birdwood Settlers Association

Newsletter 27

December 2011


In this issue we feature a rubbish story that the Auckland Council would like your feed back on.

There is an article about one of our new hirers, a Creative Memory class. And we ask the question, did you vote in the general election and are you happy with the result of the election?

And have you  driven home from the North Shore recently and thought, if I were a stranger to the area, where do I turn off to get to Massey or the Westgate shops?

Forgive us, but why do we turn off at the sign that points to Hobsonville Road, when we want to go to Massey or Westgate shopping centre? Hobsonville is not Massey. [Read more…]