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Community Response Plan

Community Response Plan

home_thumbThe Christchurch earthquakes and more recently Cyclone Pam have reminded all New Zealanders how vulnerable we are in the face of a natural disaster.  In recent years Auckland has been affected by a number of civil defence emergencies, including flooding, tornadoes and tsunami threats generated by earthquakes in Chile and Japan.

Auckland Council Civil Defence has the responsibility to help our communities prepare for, manage and recover from a disaster.  We are working with people locally across Auckland to develop Neighbourhood and Community Response Plans that identify potential hazards and help you prepare to be self-reliant in the days following an emergency.

Civil Defence is working with the Massey / West Harbour community to develop its Community Response Plan (CRP).  The purpose of the plan is to build community resilience to emergencies and disasters.  The plan will identify the hazards that may impact the area and outline how the community will respond and remain self-reliant for at least three days without any external assistance in the event of an emergency.

If you live in the Massey or Westgate area and have an interest in helping other people, or you are especially talented in the areas of welfare support, radio communications or you are a well networked member of the community, or if you just want to know more of what the community response plan is about …contact Roslyn Prictor, Civil Defence Emergency Management Advisor





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