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KNZB elects new chair and board

Press Release

8 September 2015

John Riddell points out the gum diggers on the mural at the launch of Paint NZ BeautifulFollowing their AGM on Friday in Christchurch,  Keep New Zealand Beautiful is excited to announce the appointment of John Riddell as the new chairperson of the KNZB board.

Mr Riddell became involved in the Keep Beautiful movement in 2006 as the Deputy Chair of the Massey Community Board in Auckland. Since then he has served as the Chair of the Community Board, and more recently retained his involvement in the Keep Beautiful movement as the Boards representative on Keep Waitakere Beautiful.

“I believe the Keep Beautiful movement has much to offer New Zealand and should be the largest environmental programme in NZ. The concept is apolitical, and provides hundreds and thousands of people with their first taste of practical environmental protection in the form of litter control,” says Mr Riddell.

In addition to the appointment of Mr Riddell as Chair, the following board was announced at the AGM held in Christchurch:


John Riddell


Nelson Wu


John Riddell                       Zone 1 / Upper North Island

TBC                                    Zone 2 / Central North Island

Heather Clark                     Zone 3 / Lower North Island

Alexandra Davids               Zone 4 / Upper South Island

Jan Tucker                          Zone 5 / Lower South Island


Nelson Wu                          Silkfern Co Sec

Keep New Zealand Beautiful would like to extend a warm thank you to Rose Hiha-Agnew, our out-going Chair, for her commitment and passion for the organization.

For further information on Keep New Zealand Beautiful or to speak to any of our Board members, please contact KNZB Marketing Manager, Jodie Marinkovich, on or 022 35 66334.

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