Representing Massey Residents and Ratepayers

Local Government Elections

The local Government Elections are looming and the Association encourages everyone to vote. Whether your young or old, male or female, white or brown , yellow or pink, the right to vote is one of the most fundamental rights that we have in this country.

The Association itself does not support any candidates

John Riddell

John Riddell

However it does wish Secretary John Riddell and executive member Warren Flaunty all the best in their election campaigns.

We understand that Warren will be contesting the Rodney Local Board, the Trust and Health Board while John will be contesting the Henderson Massey Local Board. Both boards have common boundaries with the Association.

Warren Flaunty

Warren Flaunty

In years gone by, before the 1989 Local Government reforms, and the creation of Community Boards, resident and ratepayers associations like ours were the Community Boards and Local Boards of today and completely voluntary.

Now days Community Boards have been replaced by Local Boards, and it has fallen back to voluntary organisations like ours to take on the role of Community Watchdog and ensure our roads are safe, our parks are maintained, and a voice is heard opposing a sky tower being built next to your home.

The Association has been lucky to have had elected members ( Allen Davies, John Riddell and Warren Flaunty) on Councils, Community Boards and Local Boards serving on the its executive. Their collective and individual knowledge has helped the Association over the years achieve things for the community and of course the Association, its hall and many users have benefited from their govern ship experience.

If you would like to learn about the workings of Council and your community, by joining the Association you can cut your teeth on Council affairs and one day stand yourself for elected office knowing that you would know the language of local government. Alternatively you can remain in the back ground and assist the Association to grow and survive another 88 years of serving the community.

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  1. Democracy for ever says

    The poll is good idea – so few people take part in the local government elections