Representing Massey Residents and Ratepayers

Newsletter 27

December 2011


In this issue we feature a rubbish story that the Auckland Council would like your feed back on.

There is an article about one of our new hirers, a Creative Memory class. And we ask the question, did you vote in the general election and are you happy with the result of the election?

And have you  driven home from the North Shore recently and thought, if I were a stranger to the area, where do I turn off to get to Massey or the Westgate shops?

Forgive us, but why do we turn off at the sign that points to Hobsonville Road, when we want to go to Massey or Westgate shopping centre? Hobsonville is not Massey.

And as Christmas is upon us, Merry Christmas.

Having our say.

Executive member, Warren Flaunty, brought along a sample food scrap waste bin to our last meeting just to get us thinking about waste. It’s a big issue and is in fact a core function of Council, any Council in NZ, to ensure that we recycle, reuse and minimise waste and generally get rid of it so that it does not take over our land space (land fill).

To do that we need to minimise our waste, the Auckland Council are asking for our feedback on the getting Auckland waste sorted.

Over the next month Auckland Council has developed the first Auckland-wide draft plan to deal with waste in Auckland and to provide consistent services across the region, meet government regulations and manage costs.

We need to:

  • deliver waste services more efficiently
  • find better ways to recover and re-use resources, and
  • send less waste to landfill.

Auckland Council is proposing a range of streamlined services and new initiatives to meet these objectives.

We are asking Aucklanders for their opinions on the draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP). Submissions will be open from 17 November 2011 until 31 January 2012.

By clicking on helping the council create a Waste Management and Minimisation Plan that is robust and on the right track.

The council will listen to what you have to say and decide what changes will be made to the plan before it is adopted in May/June 2012.  Once the WMMP is adopted, we will work with you and your community to ensure you know what these changes entail. We will develop an extensive community educational programme to guide the lead up to and implementation starting in 2015.


17 Novembe 2011 Submission period begins
Information and advice on how to provide feedback on the draft plan will be available at all libraries, council customer service centres and local board offices across the Auckland region.
31 January 2012 Submission period closes at 4pm
February – March 2012 Council considers submissions.
Hearings are held for those who wish to speak to their submission.
May/June 2012 The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan is finalised and adopted by the council.

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  1. Most interested in your poll and have left the following comment
    I am not happy with new city although I supported it. I forgot that it could only be as good as those elected. What we have got is a mini council that has workshops to debate the agenda (not open to public) and only use meetings to rubber stamp their decisions with no debate.
    There is no consultation on local matters and indeed in some cases decisions have been made to not consult as they know the residents will not support it.
    There is no accountability, consutation, or transparency with the officers totally in control.