Representing Massey Residents and Ratepayers

Rubbish Collections as a result of Labour Day

Rubbish and recycling collections will be one day later than usual after a public holiday, with some exceptions.

Collection day changes for Labour Day public holiday

Auckland Council rubbish collections will be a day later than normal following Labour Day public holiday. Please refer the calendar below for rubbish collections this week.

Week of Monday 28 October 2019

Your normal collection dateWill be collected on
Monday 28 October (Labour Day)Tuesday 29 October
Tuesday 29 OctoberWednesday 30 October
Wednesday 30 OctoberThursday 31 October
Thursday 31 OctoberFriday 1 November
Friday 1 NovemberSaturday 2 November

Annual General Meeting Notice

94th Annual General Meeting

94th Annual General Meeting Massey Birdwood Settlers Association Inc.

 Notice is hereby given for the above meeting to be held in the Den, Massey Community Hall, corner Don Buck Road and Redhills Road, Massey on Thursday 31st October at 8.00pm to:

  1. Approve the 2018/19 Annual Financial Statements
  2. Elect 2019/2020 Year 
  3. Attend to General Business

John G Riddell – Secretary

Rubbish Collections this Christmas

Ngā kohikohinga hararei tūmatanuiRubbish and recycling collections are usually a day later after a public holiday. There are some exceptions to this, particularly around Christmas.


Christmas and New Year

Although 26 December and 2 January are public holidays, collections will occur on both days.

To find out what day your rubbish will be collected over the holiday period, you can enter your address on the Rubbish and recycling collection day page.

Parnell and Newmarket

There are no changes to Thursday night rubbish collections for red-lidded wheelie bins.

Inner CBD

There are no changes to kerbside collections for rubbish bags, recycling bags, and paper and cardboard.

North Shore and Waitakere businesses

There are no kerbside rubbish collections on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. All other rubbish collections for businesses will remain on their usual day.

Business recycling collections are one day later.

Warkworth and Wellsford businesses

There are no changes to business recycling collections.

Orewa and Silverdale

Business recycling collections are one day later.

If you use a private rubbish collection or live in the former Rodney District

Contact your provider to ask about their holiday schedules.

93rd Annual General Meeting


93RD Annual General Meeting Massey Birdwood Settlers Association Inc.


Notice is hereby given for the above meeting to be held in the Den, Massey Community Hall, corner Don Buck Road and Redhills Road, Massey on Thursday 25th October at 8.00pm to:

  1. Approve the 2017/18 Annual Financial Statements
  2. elect 2018/2019 Year Officers
  3. Discuss and Approve the following Notice of Motion – revised Rules (1980) of the Massey Birdwood Settlers Association Inc.

To delete paragraph 11 (d) reference the duty of the Treasurer to submit every year to the Annual General Meeting of the Society a statement of AUDITED Accounts and Balance Sheet at the close of the financial year.


AND substitute


11 (d) to submit every year to the Annual General Meeting of the Society,  REVIEWED Financial Statements at the close of the financial year unless 75 % of the Members present request an Audit of the Financial Statements to be carried out.


Moved by Brian Lay and Seconded by John Riddell


  1. Attend to General Business

John G Riddell

Will your group be participating in this years Shake Out day?

Beware Asbestos in your home

This article is good information for residents and ratepayers and commercial property owners alike

Asbestos – Health and safety risk

Asbestos is the name for a group of natural mineral minerals that are made up of many small fibres. It has in the past been a common building material used in many homes and buildings built prior to 2000. It is a material that was in favour in the building industry because it was a natural fire retardant and water resistant.

However, it is also very hazardous to your health especially when you breathe in the fibre particles over a long period of time.

If left undisturbed asbestos is not harmful, however the asbestos is often disturbed when your doing renovations or repair work around the home or commercial premises. As exposure can be harmful if not cause cancer leading to death over time the Government has introduced regulations to protect the health and safety of workers around their exposure to asbestos. Known as the Health and Safety at Work Asbestos (regulations) 2016, the regulations spell out how to manage asbestos.

In the workplace companies are required to identify and manage asbestos if it is present in your workplace. As a PCBU you must ensure that your workplace environment is free of airborne asbestos fibres.  Construction companies, plumbers, electricians, builders all run the risk of being exposed to asbestos containing materials and therefore a PCBU should ensure that staff are aware or able to identify asbestos. If found asbestos should be removed by licenced asbestos removers.

Home owners should take steps to check whether or not their home contains asbestos and advise tradespeople working on the property of the possibility. If doing the job themselves they should look at having the asbestos removed.

For further information check out you can also check out

by John Riddell, H&S Consultant, Securo,

Massey’s link to the first world war

The Massey Birdwood Settlers Association while owning a community hall, is primarily an incorporated society established in April 1925 as a resident and ratepayers group, the primary function being to represent the views of residents and ratepayers to Council and Government and ensure adequate resources are being spent in the area by the governing bodies for the benefit of the whole community.

The hall itself was built in 1956 on the corner of Don Buck and Red Hills Roads on Conservation Department land known as the Massey Birdwood Domain. In 1954 the then Government gazetted a notice providing the Association with the rights to own and manage a community hall on the Domain.

It is always fitting to remind people at this time of the year that Massey is the name of the Prime Minister, William Massey, who served at the time of the first World War and Birdwood is the surname of the man who led the NZ troops off Gallipoli.

The mural on the side of the hall depicts Don Buck (real name Randoff Sanfrisco Figero) who worked with newly released prisoners in the area, trading gum for profit. The mural also shows the environmental views that Massey takes in of the Waitakere Ranges and the trees that line the horizon and the Tui which is a native bird that lives in the trees. The leaves on the trees by the way are hand prints by some of the children who attended Massey Primary at the time mural was painted.


Landlords have responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

The following article appeared in The Westerly magazine November 2017  edition, and is written by our Secretary John Riddell who is a Health and Safety Consultant. The article has particular relevance for residents and ratepayers so we thought it should appear on the pages of resident and ratepayers website. The Westerly is a great local publication that covers Massey, West Harbour and Hobsonville areas and published monthly.

In addressing the increasing number of serious work-related injuries and deaths in New Zealand, landlords are now responsible for ensuring health and safety at rental properties. “Landlords will be regarded as PCBUs ( a PCBU – Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) and have a responsibility to ensure health and safety of workers they engage or who are influenced or directed by the PCBU while they are doing work for that PCBU ‘so far as is reasonably practicable… [at the end of the day, it is] about what the Landlord can reasonably do to manage health and safety.” PCBUs must also maintain any worker accommodation that is owned or managed by the PCBU, must be maintained so the worker is not exposed to health and safety risks. A case scenario from Worksafe: To give more clarity on the HSWA, Worksafe has provided a landlord case scenario: “For example, if a landlord engages a plumbing firm to do repairs on a rental property, they have control over the engaging of that company. So they could set healthy and safety standards they expect of the company they hire (e.g. they have to be a member of a professional body, they have to be qualified for the job they have to have previous experience of doing this wok etc). But once the plumbing company is on site the landlord will have little influence or control over their day to day work (unless there is some hazard on the property the plumber should know about). The risks created by the plumbing company on the job are up to them to manage.” John Riddell, H&S Consultant Securo – Phone 027 477 9750 or Email Website


Rubbish collections over Christmas

From the Auckland Council Website

Auckland, it’s time to celebrate! The festive season is finally here.

But remember, because of the public holidays, your rubbish and/or recycling collections will be one day later for two weeks from Monday 25 December. Normal collections resume Monday 8 January.


If your usual collection day is: Your rubbish/recycling will be collected on:
Monday 25 December Tuesday 26 December
Tuesday 26 December Wednesday 27 December
Wednesday 27 December Thursday 28 December
Thursday 28 December Friday 29 December
Friday 29 December Saturday 30 December
Monday 1 January Tuesday 2 January
Tuesday 2 January Wednesday 3 January
Wednesday 3 January Thursday 4 January
Thursday 4 January Friday 5 January
Friday 5 January Saturday 6 January

Bins Glorious Bins

Good morning John. As requested I detail below my comments made at the Committee Meeting on 28 September 2017.
All Red                                        General Waste
All Green                                    General Waste
Yellow Top Green Base             Green Waste        )
Yellow Top Green Base             Recycled items     )    These two only distinguished with different stuck on labels. Let us hope the Collection Drivers are not colour blind.
Yellow Top Blue Base 140 Ltr    General Waste and Food.
Red Top Green Base   120 Ltr    General Waste    I do need to confirm this one as I cannot locate the information source.
We still have orange bags for general waste until 31 March 2018.
Since the meeting, in Pak N Save Lincoln North they had for sale Yellow Plastic Bags for General Waste. This item was reported in the Western Leader 3 October on sale in Super Markets at Royal Heights and Te Atatu Peninsular. Collection only for those two areas collection by Enviro Waste on a Thursday and Friday.  I think this is a new contractor on the block.
Note. Also it was reported since the meeting a special Food Bin was to be introduced by 2020. Thus the Yellow Top Blue Base Bin would then be only for General Waste.
Collections dates for the above items differ dependent on where you reside and the combined AK Council and other Private Contractors.
Interesting further notes.
On Thursday morning 5 October, when I collected my NZ Herald from the box at 7.00 am, I observed a Neighbour on the opposite side of the road had put out for collection, 4 Orange Bags, A yellow top Blue Base Bin, A Yellow Top Green Base Bin and an All Green Bin. Sadly I did not see any Partridge in the Pear Tree ! 
All this for one residential property.
Later in the morning whilst travelling home along Triangle Road, between the HuruHuru Stream Bridge and the roundabout Junction Waimumu/Triangle Road, I was shocked to see the great number of bins kerbside for the right of way to multiple residential properties. NO BIG BINS THERE !