Representing Massey Residents and Ratepayers

New Transport offerings in the Wind

Massey residents may soon have a new and integrated transport service. Although unlikely to incorporate rail, as a result of a recently signed Heads of Agreement between New Zealand Transport and Auckland Transport plans are afoot to develop a bus system that will see regularly scheduled small feeder buses travelling throughout West Auckland neighbourhoods to  a Bus Transfer station where passengers will embark on express services into the central city.







AGM elections. Meet your new committee.

The Massey Birdwood Settlers Association held its AGM November 29 in the Lions Den at the Association’s hall on the corner of Red Hills and Don Buck roads.

The following were elected

President : Brian Lay
Vice President; Ershad Ali
Secretary/treasurer: John Riddell

Committee: Allen  Davies, Ian Miller, June Lay, Kay Wilson, Ray Wilson and Warren Flaunty

Better bus services

Massey residents will be among west Aucklanders benefiting from a plan to improve bus services that is being investigated by Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Transport Authority.

At a recent ‘meet the road builders’ open day to mark the upgrade if the Lincoln Road motorway interchange NZTA officials said discussions were bring held to create a bus interchange on government land in Triangle Rd that will accept feeder services

Changes Planned for Major Roundabout.


West Auckland’s streets are constantly being ripped up, redesigned and reconfigured, seemingly at the drop of a hat, by the new Auckland Transport CCO. Rather than responding to the wishes of ratepayers, this is one Council Controlled Organisation that seems to deliberately thumb its nose at the people it is supposed to serve.

The latest, and possibly the straw that will break the camel’s back, are plans to redesign the major roundabout at the junction of Swanson Road, Universal Drive and Don Buck Rd.

Download pdf here : – Universal Swanson Consultation Plan 06122011

As shown here, plans include re-sculpting the centre island, adding a couple of lanes and installing speed bumps – on both entry AND exit lanes. Doubtless the bureaucratic Mandarins who readily take their share of our increasingly expensive rates as salary believe what they propose will benefit the thousands of West Aucklanders who commute daily through the intersection.

Doubtless in the long run that may be true and they really do have our best interests at heart, but in this instance the cart is well and truly in front of the horse.

To date there seems to have been little or no public consultation or indeed any mention of the disruption the works will cause. Not to mention that it looks suspiciously like the only people the proposed changes will really benefit are that small but influential cohort of Lycra clad 18 speed two wheeled dervishes that race down Don Buck hill on the weekends.

From Mash to Cash

A mixed use shopping centre is being proposed for a redevelopment of the PCL site opposite the Association’s hall on the corner of Don Buck and Red Hills Road.


Established in 1950s, for over half a century the Poultyman’s Coop Ltd site has provided feed and grain for countless millions of chooks throughout North Auckland.

For some time the community has been aware of plans to sell the property, as PCL move to consolidate their feed operation at their existing South Auckland plant.

Rumors of possible land use have included a high density residential development or a custodial Bad Boy facility operated by the Justice Department.

However it now seems likely the 4.5 ha (10 acre) site is destined to become yet another Westie commercial hub, with shops and offices.

Although nothing has yet been cast in concrete, the Association has already flagged the development a potential troublespot with an increase in traffic around an area that already has, with several schools within the immediate vicinity, a high population of children.

As more information comes to hand we shall do our best to keep our community informed.

Freshening the Hall

For over fifty years Massey Birdwood Settlers Association has operated its own hall at the top of the hill, on the corner of Don Buck and Red Hills roads.


The association is currently undertaking a ‘freshening’; repainting the insides and refurbishing and recovering furniture and fittings, thanks to a grant from the Henderson Massey Local Board.

Recently the association installed heat pumps for both the main hall and the smaller Lions Den, an area constantly in demand by the community for smaller group meetings.

A number of Local Massey tradespeople have been used to undertake the refit of the hall, including T&K Upholstery on Royal Road, Massey Maintenance, Lewins Electrical,  Jefferies Plumbing and Western Lock Services. The heat pumps were installed by Air Conditioning Services ( one of the Directors is a local). The carpet is from Carpet and Matland in Henderson.

The Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall is home to the Waitakere City Cake Decorating Club on Saturday mornings, Massey Primary School Housie, Red Hills Kindy, the Fitness League (Friday mornings), Creative Memories (Saturdays once a month), Auckland 7th Day Adventist Church Chinese , Kung Fu (Thursdays), Massey Indoor Bowls (Wednesdays), Line Dancing Tuesdays). Shalom Celebration Church (Sunday), a Wine Club and Westside Fellowship Church (Sunday afternoons) as well as the Association itself on the last Thursday of every month.

Association Secretary John Riddell, is looking forward to increased patronage of the Hall, as a result of the freshening. The hall  used to be the home of the  Massey Library, the CAB and Barnardos  as well the Massey Community Board meetings. These were some of the many of the activities that were held in the facility in past years.

Profits from rents along with grant money is poured back into the up keep and improvement of the Hall as well as providing information for the community and assets  such as a defibrillator which is available for use by the local doctor in case of an emergency. The hall is also used by Lincoln Primary School if ever needed should a Civil emergency mean the school can not be used.

” The Association has been around since 1925, the hall since 1954, and I would like to think that both will be here in 2054, serving Massey and its residents.”, says Mr Riddell, ” continuing the legacy of the Luckens family and the Spargo’s  and the many other pioneers of the area.”

Keep Your Place Tidy

If you have to get rid of gnarly garden waste that can’t be composted, the Weedfree Trust will send you up to ten free bags a year…AND arrange free pickup and disposal.

(the following is an extract from the web-link below)

War on Weeds

As part of the War on Weeds project, the Weedfree Trust supplies property owners in West Auckland with 10 free weed bags per year.

About the size of household garbage bags, they are designed for the most pernicious invasive weeds that cannot normally be composted.

The bags are ideal for disposing of seed heads, small infestations of Tradescantia, corms and bulbs.

They are not designed to take bamboo or sharp sticks and branches.

The Trust will organise pickup and removal of bags.

In the past, these weed bags have been made of plastic, and this has always been a concern to WeedFree Trust as plastic can remain in the environment for a very long time.

In 2009, the Trust introduced new bags which are made of a material called Oxy-biodegradable plastic. This material is designed to break down completely when put into a composting or landfill situation.

To get your bio-bags, either call the number below, or send them a quick email.
Phone: 826 4276


Editors Note: The Weedfree Trust is one of a number of community organisations that operate under the umbrella of the ecomatters environment trust.