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If you have to get rid of gnarly garden waste that can’t be composted, the Weedfree Trust will send you up to ten free bags a year…AND arrange free pickup and disposal.

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War on Weeds

As part of the War on Weeds project, the Weedfree Trust supplies property owners in West Auckland with 10 free weed bags per year.

About the size of household garbage bags, they are designed for the most pernicious invasive weeds that cannot normally be composted.

The bags are ideal for disposing of seed heads, small infestations of Tradescantia, corms and bulbs.

They are not designed to take bamboo or sharp sticks and branches.

The Trust will organise pickup and removal of bags.

In the past, these weed bags have been made of plastic, and this has always been a concern to WeedFree Trust as plastic can remain in the environment for a very long time.

In 2009, the Trust introduced new bags which are made of a material called Oxy-biodegradable plastic. This material is designed to break down completely when put into a composting or landfill situation.

To get your bio-bags, either call the number below, or send them a quick email.
Phone: 826 4276


Editors Note: The Weedfree Trust is one of a number of community organisations that operate under the umbrella of the ecomatters environment trust.