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What is Yoga?

The science of yoga is thousands of years old. In today’s world yoga is widely recognised for the gentle yet effective exercise it provides and yoga is popular for the stress management it offers.

Yoga is for everyone, young and old, flexible and not so flexible. It is not competitive in any way, poses are modified to meet the individual’s ability and no pose should ever cause strain or pain.

Yoga integrates the body and the breath. During a yoga class the poses (asanas) will work through the whole body, during the poses the breath is co-ordinated with the movement and the focus is on the effect the person experiences during the practice. Each class will include a practice of breathing techniques and a guided relaxation at the end.

During the yoga practice every joint will be moved through its range of motion and the spine receives much attention as the body is gently moved in many directions. This is how yoga is very beneficial for the management of back pain. Muscles are gently stretched and strengthened. The weight bearing poses are helpful in maintaining bone density and may be of benefit in case of osteoporosis.

The yoga practise restores energy by focusing on the breath. During the practice of different breath techniques the nervous system is soothed, this encourages a sense of calm and eases anxiety.

To get the most out of a yoga class it is best to

  1.  wear comfortable clothing that will give ease of movement,
  2.   not to eat for two – three hours before the class,
  3.   bring a good mat with a nonslip surface,
  4.   bring a light blanket for the relaxation as the body will cool down during this time

Come and enjoy a yoga class from the 13th February in the hall from 10am till 11.30am  with Hanna. The Fitness League which uses the hall on Fridays at 9.30am also use yoga as part of there exercise program. The Fitness League started back on the 8th February and have been operating for a year out of the hall.

Creative Memories

The Den being set up for a Creative Memories class

The Den being set up for a Creative Memories class

Rina Maxwell was back in business on Saturday 19th January with her Sunsation(beach theme) themed creative memories class as the first class of the year.

Rina showed participants how to make a family photo album and much more.

Family photo albums are so important and capturing those Christmas photos early of  family members, some of whom will not be around come Christmas 2013, others of course will change from a baby to an excited child opening their first Christmas present over the course of the year, is a good idea.

Not forgetting the family pet, new or old, or the unusual Christmas day you had in 2012. All these things you will want to record, so that you can  remember Christmas 2012  by looking at your album next year or in ten years time.

Check out when the next Creative memories class is on, by clicking on the venue page, top right hand corner or by clicking on the Creative Memories link under hall users to the left of this article.

Redhills Community Kindergarten – preparing for school

Inside Red Hills KindyHow is your child being holistically prepared for school at Red Hills Community?

Red Hills Community Kindergarten strives to holistically prepare children for school. This is evident within the use of the ‘Transition to school room’ which is a facility specifically set up to focus on children who are about to start their journey into the school environment.

The Transition to School room encourages children to become familiar with routines and structured learning, such as sitting quietly on the mat at the start of each session participating in activities as instructed by the teacher. Such structures help children gain confidence within their transition to a new learning environment. Te Reo Maori is further developed within this environment, this can be seen during each session as children are encouraged to sing welcome songs (Tena Koe) and also use common phrases and the days of the week (Ko Nga Ra).

Children will gain a sense of belonging and understanding, and are encouraged to participate in group discussions. Appropriate classroon behaviour such as turn taking, putting hands up to ask/answer a question are important skills learnt during this transition stage as well as further developing listening skills while being respectful of others.

Literacy skills such as reading and writing are extended through the use of ‘Homework Buckets’ where children are given a letter links letter to take home and try to find as many objects as they can starting with that particular letter.

Children benefit from the Transition to School initiative, which takes place at Red Hills Community Kindergarten, as they are better prepared for learning within the school environment.

About Red Hills Kindergarten

We endeavour to keep up with the changing needs of the community by providing flexible sessions (including all day care) and quality education at an affordable price. We operate a four year term, the same as the local primary school.

Because we are a parent driven centre it is easy for us to relate to what is needed, and it is also easy for you to have your say in your child’s education by voluntarily joining the committee.

Parents and whanau are always welcome to spend time at the kindy during their child’s session time.


At Redhills Community Kindergarten Inc. we follow the National Early Children Curriculum Te Whaariki. We believe that this curriculum leads children into developing skills that will enable them to grow as competent and confident learners, communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valuable contribution to society.

The curriculum encompasses literacy, numeracy, mathematics, science, music, art, social skills, physical skills and communication skills.

Redhills Community Kindergarten rent the space facing the roundabout on the corner of Redhills and Don Buck Road and have  been doing so since 1990. The area occupied by the Kindergarten is an addition to the original hall built in 1954. You can click on the link to the left of this story, under Hall Users Redhills Kindergarten,  to find out more about the Kindergarten.


Sunsation is here – Create a Family Photo Album

family photosRina Maxwell-Hesp runs the Creative Memory classes on the third Saturday of the month in the Den.

You can join Rina on the 19th of January to learn lots of great new ideas, like how to make a family photo album.

By pre booking, Rina will give you a free gift  if you come along with a friend, and morning and afternoon tea, for both of you.

You will also be able to try out some of the tools that Rina uses before you are encouraged to buy a similar product for your use.

The day is a great day out with the girls(no boys?) and for those people who have no time to work on their albums at home (the advert for the boys?).

Bring a beach item (no bikinis or sand allowed in the Den) or some holiday photos and enjoy making your family photo album or any other album for that matter.

For more information clink on  Creative  Memories to the left of this article under hall user links.

Trial a class

FITNESS LEAGUE CLASSES  start  their second year at the Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall on Friday 8th February at 9.30am and is inviting  Massey residents to a come and trial a class. heritage2

The classes are going from strength to strength and the ladies who are now regular members say: I feel 2” taller after class: My co-ordination and balance has improved 100%: I’m amazed and thrilled at the improvement in the pelvic floor and  tummy regions.

The program is based on light cardio warming up, physiotherapy exercise, yoga, palates and dance.  The program aims at covering the whole of the body. You work at strengthening and  relaxation of each part of your muscle groups including brain and lungs, so you feel great afterwards.  All exercises’ are done with music. Sequences are also incorporated which help improve concentration and  provides  a chance for people to laugh and mingle with others.

A nice cup of tea is made by teacher Bredna for people to enjoy  after the class.

If you want further information teacher  Brenda invites you to phone her on 09 478 8537 or text her on  0220719451 or check the link by clicking on Fitness League on the MasseyBirdwoodsettlers home page.

Diabetes Education Courses on the way to Massey

Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME)

Living and coping with diabetes can be difficult – however having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t lead a full and active life.

The DSME programme has been designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to take an active part in your own self care – together with your health team.

 Why attend a DSME course?    There is no cost to attend!

YOU are entitled to up to date information in a supportive environment in order to make informed choices about self management.  DSME is based on research which has shown that people with diabetes are the experts in their own care and need to be in control of managing their condition.

Who can attend?

  • People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • People diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” or “borderline” diabetic
  • Supporters are encouraged to attend

What’s in the programme?

What is diabetes
  • Healthy food choices
  • Let’s get active
  • Prevent/delay diabetes complications
  • Medications, Hypers and Hypos

Course dates:       There is no cost to attend

Dates:              1, 8, 15, & 22 February 2013

(4 Fridays)

Time:               9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue:             Massey Settlers Hall

Cnr Don Bucks & Red Hills Rd


Contact details:           Denise DanielsCourses are FREE and are held regularly across West Auckland and the North Shore.  Morning, afternoon, evening and over 2 day’s courses are available.  If you want further information or to check Denise out …….

DDI:     822-8012

Mob:    021-993-439


Westgate Drive opens – at long last

Rush Creek residents can finally sleep sound as the Westgate Center gains a through road between Don Buck Road, Hobsonville Road and the old highway west and Massey’s Royal Road with its access to SH 16 and Auckland city.

After years of disagreement and dispute between the developer and successive city Councils, Westgate Drive officially opened at 2.30pm on Friday 23rd November.

Legitimising the traffic lights on Royal Road that have spent the past 18 months flashing to themselves, the road provides much needed alternate access to the Westgate shopping complex and greatly reduces the stress levels for residents of neighboring Rush Creek.

That the road had finally opened is in no small part due to the dogged persistence of three Association members, Fran and Bruce Hartnell and community board member Warren Flaunty who, along with fellow board member Ross Dallow, worked extremely hard to ensure the hassles preventing the opening were eventually resolved to the satisfaction of all the parties involved.

The opening of Westgate Drive will be greeted with a sigh of relief as it finally rids Rush Creek of an unacceptable build up in building related heavy traffic.

Residents say the almost constant rumble of large vehicles through their network of narrow neighborhood streets had become increasingly intolerable.

With the ongojng construction of a new cycle way across SH 16, the opening of Westgate Drive


Yoga classes coming to Massey Birdwood

Starting in February 2013 is HanneHatha Yoga on Wednesday mornings at 10am.

Hanne is passionate about yoga and enjoys sharing the benefits that regular yoga practice can bring each of us.

Struggling with a lower back injury which kept her in pain Hanne decided to turn to yoga; this was about 8 years ago. It was one of the best decisions she has made. “I have now been free of pain for many years. Yoga is now a strong part of my life. I have practised yoga since 2004 starting out in West Auckland.” Hanne recently returned to West Auckland after living overseas for four years. During this time she tried and experienced a variety of yoga, including Dru yoga, Ki Yoga (Ki Yoga is derived from the teachings of Japanese Yoga Master Masahiro Oki), Satyananda Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. Hanne attended a local community yoga class whilst living in Singapore where she was the only European participant. In this setting where English is second language learning and practicing yoga became part of the Singapore Experience.

Hanne studied yoga with the Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia. This school was started by Dr Swami Savitrananda Devi in 1980 and it is now an international yoga training academy. The academy provides a sound experiential course based on the Eight Limbs of Astanga Yoga.

Hanne teach traditional Hatha yoga; a gentle style with the emphasis on movement, postures and the breath. Each session includes stretching, practising of postures, breathing techniques, meditation practice and relaxation that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Yoga helps to release stress and fatigue from the body and restores energy levels as it clears the mind. The practice of yoga offers each person a better relationship with the body, a deeper insight into ourselves and the world around us.

Some of the comments from people who have been to her classes;

  • “Hanne is a caring, committed yoga teacher and fully supportive of her students. She has a passion for yoga and teaches with love.” John B.
  • “Hanne brings calmness to the Yoga room, freedom to go at our own pace, plus I enjoy the variety of movement each time.” Maggie C.

Auckland Heritage Festival 29 Sept to 14th Oct

The Association knows it is over, however was very pleased that Secretary John Riddell was invited to talk on the history of the Massey Birdwood Settlers Association and provide other interesting titbits on the area, by the Massey Library on the 6th October.

The Association loaned the Library the plague, which normally graces a wall in the Den, commemorating the opening of the Massey Library in our hall in 1979, by then MP for the area Dial Jones.

Other interesting information loaned to the Library was the incorporation certificate signed in 1925, with names like Spargo (Saprgo road and park in Massey East) and Luckens (Luckens road) featured on the certificate. Another interesting piece of information loaned to the library is an original map of the Massey area drawn in 1917.

Both the above items are framed and grace the walls of the “Den” along with a photo of Don Buck and a number of certificates awarded to the Association.

318 Billion Photos

That’s the estimated number of photo’s the World took in 2011 alone. And when disaster strikes, in our homes or in our countries. And when disaster strikes, in our homes or in our countries, those photos and the hard drives they’re stored on are normally the first material possessions we all try to save first. It’s in this instant – or in that moment of regret when we realize they are lost – that many finally understand just how important those photos really are.

Your photos tell your story. It’s your personal timeline filled with the people you love, the things you did, the places you’ve travelled, the milestones you’ve achieved and the people who’ve shaped your life. Your photos show how you became who you are today. Photo albums have the power to change lives, to impact on and touch people like nothing else can. Photos show a child that they’re loved, that they’re important and that they’re part of a family. Photos preserve the past, they enrich the present, and they offer hope for the future.

Yet, with all this importance, and with the ease and excess with which photos are taken today, today’s photos and stories are being lost to future generations. The fact that we store our photos digitally means that more often than not nothing is done with them. The moment is snapped, filed in a folder and forgotten. For some the problem is simply that they know how to get their photos ‘on to their computer’, but not off again. And then of course there’s the question of what to do with them next. For others it’s a time factor. Many of us are simply overwhelmed by the enormity of the project. Most suffer a sense of defeat and helplessness before they’ve even begun.

Do not despair. This is where Creative Memories’ upcoming Digital Photo Expo can help. As a team at Creative Memories they have decades of experience between them. For more than 13 years they’ve been helping people aged 8 to 88 organize, edit, protect and share their photos. They can help you too. They guarantee they’ll have solutions for any type of photo problem you could possibly bring them plus they also have fantastic ideas on how to share your photos: we’re talking digital photo books, traditional scrapbooks, gorgeous frames, easy slip-in-style albums and more. Most importantly, they can teach you how to write the stories that go with those photos. Ask yourself, if I’m not here one day to explain what each photo is, who will tell my story for me? Those stories are what turn a photo album into a legacy, a history, a valuable family treasure for generations to enjoy.

Book yourself into the Getting Started presentation at 3:00pm or simply wander along to view the hundreds of ideas they’ll have on display. Stop and chat to the talented team of ladies and let them help you get your photos out of hiding and back into your life.

Photo Solutions Expo, Saturday 29th September, 2:00pm – 5:00 pm, The Parenting Place, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane.

 And do not forget our class in the Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall Den, top of the hill on Saturday 6th October.

For more details, phone Rina on 09 8369195 or go to